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Preparator's FAQs

What does Prep Net do for the museum professional?

We introduce preparators to museum fabrication companies for short-term employment.

Are they considered sub-contractors or employees?

Preparators are neither subs nor employees. They are self-employed, independent contractors operating a state-registered business.

That's a good wage. How is it paid?

Being that Prep Net pays ahead of a client's pay, we need to do so with a credit card. The easiest way to process it is through online services like PayPal, SquareUp and Stripe. Preparators pay any processing fees.

What is the pay and are there any benefits?

The pay is $50/hour with $62.50/hour paid after 40 hours in a week. There may also be a daily trip charge of up $100, depending on the site location and a city's cost of living. There are no benefits.

So do preparators receive 1099's or W2?

Neither. When Prep Net pays via credit card, the processor is responsible to report the earnings and does so with a 1099-K. But unless the preparator earns more than $20,000 AND has over 200 transactions, an earnings statement will not be issued. Though many preparators earn greater than that amount, none work more than 200 jobs. Without statements, vendors are expected to self-report their earnings. Click HERE for FAQ's from the IRS.

How does a preparator join the Network?

Go to https://www.preparatornetwork.com/preparators

What else do they do?

We make it easy for the parties to work together by paying preparators deposits, arranging travel and lodging, and advancing wages ahead of their client's pay.

How does a preparator register their business with the state?

Easily. Simply open a business checking account. Your bank will do the rest.