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Client's Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preparator Network?

Preparator Network ("Prep Net") is a division of Art Installer Network. Like it's parent company, it operates as an I.T. company and automates the processes of recruiting free-lance museum professionals. Databases, notification systems and billing services are integrated in an on-line platform to increase efficiency and lower costs.

Who Does Prep Net Serve?

Prep Net's clients are the companies who fabricate large scale exhibits for museums.

What does Prep Net do for their clients?

Prep Net saves clients money by eliminating payroll expenses with the use of 1099K workers. It also saves clients time by automating and integrating the recruitment process. AND by using local professionals, clients save money on travel and lodging. AND we've worked out an arrangement with the workers where we don't charge the clients extra for overtime. FINALLY, we facilitate the recruitment process with a funding arm, which allows us to advance funds ahead of a client's pay so that we can keep everyone happy.

How does Prep Net eliminate payroll expenses?

A special designation by the IRS allows companies to use the services of certain freelance workers without them being classified as the company's employees or sub-contractors. With these workers, companies do not issue 1099s and therefore are not responsible for the preparator's work, for FICA, Workman's Comp, Unemployment Compensation, pensions, health insurance, vacation time or sick leave. Click HERE for FAQ's from the IRS.

Do the preparators possess liability insurance?

That is a requirement. Preparator Network will not knowingly refer a museum professional who does not have liability insurance.

How does the recruitment process work?

On the form behind this page, enter the details of the museum's location, the project's scope and the expected length of time the preparator(s) will be needed. Those details are sent to professionals in that area who possess those skill sets. Those who are available will be introduced to their clients. If the client accepts the professional, Prep Net will work as an agent for both parties. But if, for whatever reason, the client declines a professional, Prep Net will introduce them to another preparator.

Does Preparator Network possess liability insurance?

Yes, $2,000,000 worth, covering risks inherent for companies in the IT industry, such as data breaches and infringement on intellectual property. It does not cross industry lines to cover the preparators' work.

What's in the "fine print"?

Preparators are independent providers of museum services. They are neither employees nor sub-contractors of Prep Net. Prep Net cannot guarantee a local preparator will be available for a project. In those cases, clients may incur travel and lodging expenses.